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Subject: "2007.04.25: battleship shelter"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Apr-25-07, 02:28 PM (EDT)
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"2007.04.25: battleship shelter"
   <wedge> http://www.aso.com/aircraft/105945/
<wedge> --not to drop hints or anything, but it *is* my birthday on Sunday.
* wedge grins
<Z-Gryphon> I don't know, son.
<Z-Gryphon> a jet interceptor is a big responsibility.
<wedge> I promise I'll feed it! And take it for walks!
<wedge> and not to sell it the instant a Viggen is up for sale.
<wedge> :)
<Z-Gryphon> You said that when you wanted the battleship, too, and we ended up taking that to the battleship shelter six months later because you didn't want to get six summer jobs to pay for all the coal.
<Z-Gryphon> (I admit I just like the image of "the battleship shelter".)
<wedge> I was just gonna say
<Slarti> Band name: No-Kill Battleship Shelter
<Z-Gryphon> "Meet Kirov! This little guy came to us from Russia. He's not a purebred battleship, as you can see, but he's definitely got some battleship in him! And his smaller size means he might just be perfect for those battleship lovers who thought they could never have one because of their small harbors. Won't you give this loveable guy a home?"

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