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#1, RE: The Laws of Robotics
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-07-01 at 07:09 PM
In response to message #0
>Are robots with Positronic Neural Nets the only type subject to the
>laws of robotics? I'm quite certain BUMA's, Decepticons, and Cybermen
>(assuming they are part of the UF universe since Daleks are) are not
>subject to the laws.

The Asimovian laws aren't mandatory for any type of robot in the UF universe; they're one of those "industry guideline" things, promulgated by US Robots back in the early 21st century as a thing that would be a good idea. Some of their competitors agreed, others did not. It was never codified into law, except possibly on some particularly paranoid worlds.

As to your specific examples:

GENOM did not adopt the US Robots suggestion, though they did eventually acquire US Robots.

Cybermen aren't robots, they're cyborgs; also, they fall into the same category as Transformers, being members of a recognized self-perpetuating species that predates the existence of the Turing Accord.

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