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#1, RE: A question of survivability...
Posted by Blob on May-11-01 at 03:45 PM
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>How did UF's Gryphon and Megazone survive the centuries before the
>They were romantically involved with the Dir...um, the Lovely Angels.
>Is the "collateral damage" problem something that only comes up when
>they are on WWWA missions, or is Omega-2 that effective, or what?
>Peter Eng

I think it is that effective. But don't tell THEM I told you that.
I think I'm better going to hide in my bombshelter now. With a machinegun or two. And I have to get this heavy bodyarmor. And I mustn't forget this mobile shieldgenerator.

Benjamin Brill
who lives near one of the (former) largest cities of the world and is still as far away from civilisation as Tatooine.