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#2, RE: A question of survivability...
Posted by Gryphon on May-12-01 at 00:01 AM
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>How did UF's Gryphon and Megazone survive the centuries before the

Clean living, lots of vitamin C, and a complete abstention from aspirin.

>They were romantically involved with the Dir...um, the Lovely Angels.
>Is the "collateral damage" problem something that only comes up when
>they are on WWWA missions, or is Omega-2 that effective, or what?

It's mostly just bad press. Plus, we almost never went with them on their 3WA assignments, being busy running the WDF. (Amusingly, the only documented time either of us ever did, in Passion, the one who was dumb enough to do it, me, came within script immunity of getting cacked. :)

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