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#3, RE: A question of survivability...
Posted by StaticdashPulse on May-13-01 at 01:26 PM
In response to message #2
>It's mostly just bad press. Plus, we almost never went with them on
>their 3WA assignments, being busy running the WDF. (Amusingly, the
>only documented time either of us ever did, in Passion, the one
>who was dumb enough to do it, me, came within script immunity of
>getting cacked. :)

Yeah, but if if I remember correctly, that wasn't their fault either. So, again, it's always some wacko's fault the Angels get bad press/"kill people." Had Carson not been there, you'd have gotten home just fine. Although, I suppose, for the sake of future storylines, it's a good thing he was there.