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#9, RE: A question of survivability...
Posted by Chris Redfield on May-18-01 at 03:10 PM
In response to message #7
>>Diet sodas without aspartame?!?! Aieeeeeeeee
>They're not too bad, actually. The new formulation of Diet Rite cola
>and Adirondack's Waist Watchers brand both use a combination of
>sucralose and acesulfame potassium; they don't taste horrible, only
>slightly odd, and sufficiently chilled are actually palatable.

I have fond memory's of Adirondack brand soda. In general I like it much better than "name brand" sodas. Unfortunately it isn't distributed this far south.

I tried Diet Dr. Pepper not too long ago, and while it does taste somewhat like regular Dr. Pepper, I don't like regular Dr. Pepper so it was kind of a pointless excercise.

Whoa! What IS it?!