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#0, 5th Movement Comments and Praise
Posted by StaticdashPulse on Oct-30-01 at 10:48 AM
I was going to stick this in another thread, but firgured since I had a couple of non-strictly-praise-things to post/query/write I'd make a new thread. Plus, you guys don't seem to mind new threads as much as crazily long, off-topic threads, so I figure what could it hurt... Right? right? *gulp* Anywhen...

First off: Very schway movement! I am still holding to my steadfast opinion that SOS is very much like CORE. Not so much in style or character, though, but sheer magic. The way the group(s) work together, blend together. The Art of Noise/Duelists Society, if not only in heritage, are 2405's version of the Wedge Rats (circa 1990-1992). My hats off to you Gryphon on a wonderful addition!

Not to mention Durandal. Your writing of him, and subsequently Ed and Ein, lacks nothing (save for more time on the subject of, but all in good time I imagine). I've never played or heard of Marathon until SOS, but I've been researching it just to see/hear more Durandal in action. Very nice source material to incorporate into WPI. It kind of reminds me of THE Computer from I.O.U., but Durandal has a bit more in store than even THE Computer I'd wager. Simply put: I like Durandal.

Also, I'm glad to see the One Hit Wonder made it into production. That is a very cool ship. Though, I'm a fan of he YT-2400 personally, any CEC ship is a masterpiece.

Secodly, if I may ask a couple of small question possible not totally directed at movement five:

1) Is there meant to be any kind of paralleling between Corwin/Dorothy and Ed&Ein/Durandal? In both instances it seems that you've got the "living being" trying to maintain, protect, and prove the sentience of an "artificial lifeform". I wasn't sure if you had any thoughts on that (not spoilers, mind you).

2) Will we ever get to see Corwin and Ed meet? For some strange reason, the idea fascinates me.

3) Is Network 23 an allusion to Warehouse 23?

Please pardon all the GURPS references, I'm just delving into RPG's.
- the most impulsive post alive