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#6, RE: 5th Movement Comments and Praise
Posted by Redneck on Oct-30-01 at 07:56 PM
In response to message #4
>Congratulations to Gryph and all the other Eyrie writers...you've
>managed to create a universe I'd like to live in.
>Offhand I can only think of two other writers who've done that; Spider
>Robinson and Robert Heinlein.

Peculiar, since:

(1) I, for one, can't stand Heinlein;

(2) I think I'm the only one of all of us who's read anything by Spider, and although I frequent alt.callahans I'm ambievalent on his short stories and detest -all- his novel-length works;

and (3) most of the settings both authors used are -not- terribly fun ones. The Place in its variant incarnations is the only item I can understand a sentient, having his or her choice of worlds, -wanting- to visit, much less live in.


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