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#0, Death to the digestive system, I say!
Posted by TRB on May-22-01 at 04:24 AM
My digestive system is, frankly, possessed by demonic entities hell-bent on the creation of bleeding, cancerous ulcers of Death, Doom, Destruction, and the Apocalyptic End (tm).

I wish to exorcise these beasties.

According to my sources, the application of extreme amounts of heat will accomplish this.

To that end, I have considered propane torches, plasma cutters, and the starting of a small fusion reaction in my stomach.

All of these methods require the introduction of non-edible things into my system, and the third, probably the only one that would work, requires expensive nuclear material. After giving the matter much thought, I came to realize that all of these methods pale before the simple application of a substance so incredibly hot, magma men from the planet Lahava break into a sweat at the mere mention of it.

I refer, of course, to -_ZONER CHILI_-

The cure, may in fact, be worse than the disease, but what's life without risk? Heh heh heh!

So, if it's not a family secret or anything, could you possibly help me out Megazone? ^___^ Don't worry, I'll sign the pre-consumption legal waiver. No death by burning life insurance policies will be honored B-)


"I wish I was reaper, culling lost souls. I wish I could cast them into deep and lonely holes."