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#1, RE: Death to the digestive system, I say!
Posted by Matrix Dragon on May-22-01 at 05:49 AM
In response to message #0
>I refer, of course, to -_ZONER CHILI_-

Dear Goddess, no! Are you insane?

>The cure, may in fact, be worse than the disease, but what's life without risk? >Heh heh heh!

Risk is acceptable. Death is not. Detians have a hard time eating that stuff. Don't you remember what happened to Doc in Leap Years?

Actually, I have to wonder, is the dreaded Zoner Chili as bad as everyone's made it out to be. If so, I have to get some for my old man.

Matrix Dragon
"Now, was it throw the grenade ON three, or count to three THEN throw