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#2, RE: Death to the digestive system, I say!
Posted by megazone on May-22-01 at 03:16 PM
In response to message #0
>So, if it's not a family secret or anything, could you possibly help
>me out Megazone? ^___^ Don't worry, I'll sign the pre-consumption
>legal waiver. No death by burning life insurance policies will be
>honored B-)

Well, there isn't exactly a standard recipie or anything. I usually started out with one of the kits you can buy - 5-Alarm I believe, the ones with masa flour to thicken it I rather like. Usually they call for 1 or 2 pounds of beef. I usually used ground beef, but it is actually better with cube beef I think. Just more of a pain to make, and costs a bit more.

I'd make the recipie with max heat - then go from there.

I don't normally put beans in my chili, but I do like peppers. I usually would dice up some bell peppers - green, yellow, orange, red, etc (I liked the color). I'd also get some italian hot peppers if the store had them fresh and dice those up too.

A little more chili powder to make the flavor stronger. And sometimes I'd add some cayene pepper sauce (Red Hot brand IIRC) because it has a good flavor, and maybe a bit of Tabasco.

I used to buy a lot of pickled jalapenos, habanero pickled carrots, beans, etc, (basically a jar with brine and a habanero, or bits of one, and the vegetables packed in to absorb the heat. I LOVED "Baby Bunny Bullets" which were baby carrots picked with habanero, but I haven't been able to find them in years) to snack on. When you've eaten all those, you have some spicy brine left over - I'd save that up. Then when I made chili I'd leave out the salt and use this brine instead of water. Added some nice flavor, and some smooth heat.

All of that tended to make a fairly powerful chili.

But sometimes I'd go further - a friend of mine sent me a back of dried habaneros from New Mexico, and I'd use one or two in a pot. Since they were dried I'd crush them up fine, and mix them in. Whoa. THAT added some goddammed heat. Fresh habaneros work too, but not quite the same - the dried once mixed in and spread the flavor more I think, and it wasn't quite a sharp.

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