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#29, RE: Death to the digestive system, I say!
Posted by Wolff on Jun-05-01 at 00:42 AM
In response to message #22
>>That is indeed what I meant. I prefer to have my beef non-pre-chewed,
>>thank you. Though I do like veggie chili, when I make it myself from
>>tomatos and chopped green pepper and onion and tabasco sauce. (I'm
>>aware that you're a carnivore, Gryph, and not a big onion fan, so I
>>won't ask you to make such chili. ;)
>Ooh, that sounds good - with a little meat. Maybe the Garlic Tabasco

Two heads of roasted garlic, cumin, coriander, oregano, and a can or two of hominy.

-Michael. Yes, I do this for a living.
Napalm. It sticks to ignorance.