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#32, RE: Garlic yumminess
Posted by Wedge on Jun-05-01 at 12:18 PM
In response to message #31
>>Two heads of roasted garlic, cumin, coriander, oregano, and a can or
>>two of hominy.
>>-Michael. Yes, I do this for a living.
>Yum. I don't recognize the hominy (I've probably had it and just
>didn't know the name) but the rest looks fine to me.

To quote www.m-w.com

"hom·i·ny: kernels of corn that have been soaked in a caustic solution (as of lye) and then washed to remove the hulls"

The only reason I really post this is because I'm almost positive that if you then grind those up, you have grits. But, even though I'm from the South, the true source of grits eluded me for years, even though I've slowly learned to eat them in that time. I was always wary of them as a child because my breakfast-time queries of "What is a grit?" would only be met with much adult laughter and no real answers--frustrating to say the least to my five year old mind. And they wonder why I never tried them.

Chad Collier--fondly remembering the catfish and eggs Cracker Barrel breakfast he had while back home about a month ago and wishing there was something even remotely like that within 100 miles of his current position...
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