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#36, RE: Garlic yumminess
Posted by Laudre on Jun-05-01 at 03:41 PM
In response to message #34
>>South. I also like pickled okra, for the record.)
>Pickled? Haven't ever done that. Now fried okra kicks ass,
>and it's good in stews as well.

Fried okra is good. Never had it in a stew.

I can get pickled okra in the grocery store here, without much of a problem. Yes, in the godless Northeast, pickled okra is available.

As for what it's like? Someone I used to know, after eating one, pronounced that "they're hairy, and they taste like feet."

I didn't ask him where he learned what feet taste like. I sincerely hope to Goddess that his girlfriend's feet never resembled pickled okra in either scent or flavor.

>Roughly ground dried hominy cooked somewhat like rice.

Doesn't sound too bad. I'll have to see if I can find some that won't conflict with my vegetarian metabolism after I move to Greensboro. (In the South, cooking something in chicken fat, as opposed to pork fat, is "diet".)

-- Sean --

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