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#37, Just a good old boy...
Posted by Wedge on Jun-05-01 at 04:29 PM
In response to message #36
>Doesn't sound too bad. I'll have to see if I can find some that won't
>conflict with my vegetarian metabolism after I move to Greensboro.
>(In the South, cooking something in chicken fat, as opposed to pork
>fat, is "diet".)

Blasphemer. :)

Seeing as, in essance, it's just corn, I don't see how you'd have much issue with it, especially since the only part of corn that really gives anyone digestive trouble (the husks) are removed in the process.

Personally, I have nothing but respect for vegitarians and vegans and the personal choice they have made (assuming they aren't militant about it, which most of the vegans I know aren't...either way they have to deal with my buck mount, so...), but being a vegitarian and living in the south seems like a cruel joke to me. Just the thought of sausage gravey and biscuits sends me into Pavlovian fits... :)

Rabbit: "God, Meg, you've got a lot of beef. Where'd you get all this beef?"
Meg: "Did you see my cows out front?"
Rabbit: "No."
Meg: "Ohhh!"
Dusty: "You slaughter your own cows, Meg! Nice..."
--Twister (yeah I know it's a dumb movie...I think it's fun)

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