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#38, RE: Just a good old boy...
Posted by Gryphon on Jun-05-01 at 04:59 PM
In response to message #37
>Personally, I have nothing but respect for vegitarians and vegans and
>the personal choice they have made (assuming they aren't militant
>about it, which most of the vegans I know aren't...

And here I was laboring under the impression that vegans were just "vegetarians, only more annoying."

Elder Days Story Time: Back when I was at WPI, there was this girl who had a number of irritating traits, primary among which was the fact that she was an evil, manipulative tramp. That's kind of by the way for this particular anecdote, though, since I was about the only guy I knew who she didn't zero in on at some point that school year. Among the reasons for that might have been the fact that she was also an extremely obnoxious vegetarian, and happened upon me doing something beef-related... I forget what. I'd like to say I was cooking a hamburger, except that it was impossible to cook in any of the places where we might have encountered each other that year. So I suppose I was just eating one. Anyway, she got on my case about it, which made me quite annoyed, until finally we had the following exchange:

SHE (after a detailed description of slaughterhouse conditions and the Terrible Suffering of Food Animals): I mean, how can you do that? How can you contribute to a system like that?

ME: Well, you see... I'm perfectly fine with all that. And do you know why? Because cows piss me off. The thought of a cow standing cold and alone in a stinking darkness, staring stupidly into the gloom, waiting for the hammer to fall, to be carved up and packaged and fried for the express purpose of making me fat... ohhhh, it keeps me warm at night.

SHE: You're the most revolting person I've ever met. Never speak to me again.

ME (internally): Oh, oh no. My heart, she is broken.

And, indeed, so far as I can recall, she never did speak to me again.

>Rabbit: "God, Meg, you've got a lot of beef. Where'd you get all
>this beef?"
>Meg: "Did you see my cows out front?"
>Rabbit: "No."
>Meg: "Ohhh!"
>Dusty: "You slaughter your own cows, Meg! Nice..."
>--Twister (yeah I know it's a dumb movie...I think it's fun)

I'm quite fond of that film. I saw it maybe half a dozen times, mainly because it had just come out when I moved to California and I had very little else to do. It's not high drama, but I like many of the characters, and the interactions within the gang of storm chasers really tickled me. Plus I had this thing for Helen Hunt. :)

["Where's my truck?" <CRASH!> "Oh, there it is."]
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