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#39, RE: Just a good old boy...
Posted by Laudre on Jun-05-01 at 05:35 PM
In response to message #38
>>Personally, I have nothing but respect for vegitarians and vegans and
>>the personal choice they have made (assuming they aren't militant
>>about it, which most of the vegans I know aren't...

Yeah, most of us only get bitchy about it when something happens like McDonald's finally admitting that they've been putting beef fat in their fries for years, and saying it was "vegetarian", and not even apologizing for it. Taco Bell pulled something similar with putting lard in their allegedly vegetarian beans. But there are militant vegetarians, and they annoy me, a practicing vegetarian (though not vegan... I'll probably go vegan eventually, but not yet). They've got to be twice as annoying to those who do eat meat.

And, no, I wouldn't expect grits to interfere with a vegetarian metabolism, but you never know what someone might put in them.

>And here I was laboring under the impression that vegans were just
>"vegetarians, only more annoying."

Like I said, most vegetarians -- that I've met, anyway -- aren't militant about it. It's usually only the ones who have been recent converts. And while I had a multitude of reasons for going vegetarian (and most of them still apply), even if all my issues were resolved I couldn't go back to eating meat. At this point, I find the idea repulsive. To me, meat in a shrinkwrap is just about as appetizing as three-day-old roadkill.

(For the curious, I don't have a problem with eating meat in and of itself. My problems are with the attitudes and methodology inherent in the way meat eating is practiced, most especially in the Western world. It's tied into my spirituality, which is *not* something I'm going to get into here.)

>SHE (after a detailed description of slaughterhouse conditions and the
>Terrible Suffering of Food Animals): I mean, how can you do
>that? How can you contribute to a system like that?
>ME: Well, you see... I'm perfectly fine with all that.

Heh. I haven't done this recently, but whenever I wanted to annoy a meat-eater, I'd ask them how they were enjoying their carcass/corpse/rotting flesh/etc. (There's a surprising number of people who don't like being reminded of what they're eating. And I know many, many people who would give up eating meat if continuing the practice meant having to slaughter the animal themselves.) I grossed at least one girl out of eating meat for about a week back in college. (I think it also had to do with my detailed explanation of such delicacies as Rocky Mountain oysters and haggis.)

(Then, of course, the looniest thing I ever heard was on seaQuest DSV, when it was a minor plot point that eating beef was illegal, because of ozone layer depletion caused by cattle flatulence.)

-- Sean --

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