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#45, RE: Just a good old boy...
Posted by Wedge on Jun-05-01 at 06:24 PM
In response to message #38
>And here I was laboring under the impression that vegans were just
>"vegetarians, only more annoying."

I know some true vegans who are really cool about it, it's their thing and they never try to impose their views on anyone, which is the way it should be, IMHO. I also have a 'dead flesh' vegitarian friend (meaning she doesn't eat meat because she doesn't like the thought of killing animals, but she has no vegan issues with eating things made by animals) who holds respect for my flesh eating ways because of the fact that I've hunted and actually seen and participated in the process of slaughtering an animal for food, as opposed to the many people who just see it as a shrink-wrapped product on a grocery shelf. She doesn't approve, but she at least considers me 'aware' of what I'm doing.

>extremely obnoxious vegetarian, and happened upon me doing something
>beef-related... I forget what. I'd like to say I was cooking a

IHNJ, IJLS "doing something beef-related"

>SHE: You're the most revolting person I've ever met. Never speak to
>me again.
>ME (internally): Oh, oh no. My heart, she is broken.

I usually respond to something like that with the Dennis Leary (I think) line, "If hooking up a monkey's testicles to a car battery is going to find a cure for cancer or AIDS, I've got two things to say: Red is positive and black is negative." That usually scares away most of them who don't have a sense of humor...

<snip Twister quote>
>I'm quite fond of that film. I saw it maybe half a dozen times,
>mainly because it had just come out when I moved to California and I
>had very little else to do. It's not high drama, but I like many of
>the characters, and the interactions within the gang of storm chasers
>really tickled me.

<old movie theater story>
We had Twister at the theater I worked at, and I was head projectionist at the time. This is interesting for two reasons:

A) I got to see it twice before anyone else, because we got two prints of it, which I had to build up from the componant reels and then screen to make sure they didn't send us any screwed up reels. So I got to see it the first two times on a pristine print, each time, all by myself, in the two large DTS equipped houses, with no one else in there to deaden the sound and the volume set to my tolerence level. Damn that was fun.

B) Each print came with a letter signed by Jan de Bont himself stating that the film was mixed specifically for the calibration volume, and that we were catagorically not allowed to alter this volume setting while exhibiting his film. I made copies of the letters and posted them outside each theater, and for the first time in 10 months working there I got to tell people (in a nice way and with a smug smile) to piss up a rope when they came out and complained how loud it was. Justice has never been so sweet.
</old movie theater story>

>Plus I had this thing for Helen Hunt. :)

If I had a dollar for every time you ended a conversation about a film with "Plus I had/have this thing for x." I'd have...about two or three dollars by now. :)

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