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#46, RE: Just a good old boy...
Posted by Wedge on Jun-05-01 at 06:36 PM
In response to message #42
>Philosophically, perhaps; but culinarily, they're as different as a
>chocolate milkshake and a block of stinking, mold-encrusted French
>cheese. Me, I'm a dedicated flesh-consumer from 'way back, but I'm
>firmly of the opinion that one should just say 'no' to organs, with
>the cognitive-dissonance-enabled exception of intestines, without
>which there can be no sausage. :)

But what of my giblet gravey at Thanksgiving? I can't give that up. And I'm also fond of fried chicken gizzards, though there aren't many chicken places left that serve them. Certainly not going to find those at my friendly neighborhood Koo Koo Roo...

"You're a louse, Roger Smith."
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