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#52, RE: Just a good old boy...
Posted by megazone on Jun-05-01 at 10:38 PM
In response to message #51
>Yes. I've met vegetarians like this.
>"I'm a vegetarian."
>"Then why are you eating chicken/turkey/fish?"
>"But I don't eat meat."
>"No, you don't eat red meat. Don't make the rest of us look
>-- actual conversation

For a lot of people poultry != meat != fish. *shrug* Yes, I think they are all forms of meat, but a lot of people distinguish between them - even religions. Can't eat meat on friday? That's why you eat fish - it isn't meat. I think people are just malinformed so they equate vegetarianism with not eating meat - but to them that means red and white meats (like beef and pork).

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