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#53, RE: Just a good old boy...
Posted by TRB on Jun-06-01 at 03:18 AM
In response to message #38
ROFLMAO!! That's just too funny. I simply must remember that.

Personally, I have no problems with vegetartian types, as long as their motives are sound. If they do it cuz animals have feeeeeelings, I call 'em hypocrites and step off. If they do it cuz thet's what they like, or because it keeps them in shape, then that's cool enough. I just find it hard to swallow a person who won't kill an animal, yet will devour pounds of once-living plant. Is death not death?

>SHE (after a detailed description of slaughterhouse conditions and the
>Terrible Suffering of Food Animals): I mean, how can you do
>that? How can you contribute to a system like that?
>ME: Well, you see... I'm perfectly fine with all that. And do you
>know why? Because cows piss me off. The thought of a cow
>standing cold and alone in a stinking darkness, staring stupidly into
>the gloom, waiting for the hammer to fall, to be carved
>up and packaged and fried for the express purpose of making me
>fat... ohhhh, it keeps me warm at night.
>SHE: You're the most revolting person I've ever met. Never speak to
>me again.
>ME (internally): Oh, oh no. My heart, she is broken.
>And, indeed, so far as I can recall, she never did speak to me again.
>["Where's my truck?" <CRASH!> "Oh, there it is."]
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