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#1, RE: About Utena's EoJ uniform...
Posted by Nathan on Oct-31-01 at 11:57 PM
In response to message #0
>From the end of that strap, a silver chain hung down halfway to the
>belt before curving back up to end high on the left breast at a silver
>ring encircling an eight-pointed crimson and scarlet star pin,
>cardinal points enlarged, southernmost elongated, against a transverse
>silver bar.

>If you can divulge the in-story meaning without giving anything away,
>that'd be great, but what's driving me bugfuck at the moment is the
>fact that I swear I've seen it somewhere before outside of UF.
>My brain keeps telling me it's something from Battletech, but I can't
>focus what specifically, and I'm coming up zero searching for it on
>the net.

It's the, umm, Cameron Star. I think that's the name. C-something, anywho. Emblem, symbol, etc. of the Star League. Clans like it too, for the obvious reasons.

Blessed be.
Nathan Baxter
(And before Gryphon gets all upset about my speaking of the Clans, I'd like to state that I've only been interested in B-tech for about two, three years. And then mostly the computer games.)