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#3, RE: About Utena's EoJ uniform...
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-01-01 at 00:17 AM
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>>It's the, umm, Cameron Star.
>no, that's this:
>What I'm thinking of is exactly like he described, two-tone red,
>enlarged cardinal points with the south point elongated. Still

I, uh, think I made it up. It's just the logo of the International Police Organization's Space Force. Looking at that image of the Cameron Star, it does look kind of like that, if you rotated it ninety degrees clockwise and shrank down that other elongated point to be the same size as the others, and did it in two shades of red, without anything in the middle of it. The silver ring circumscribes the three regular-size cardinal points, so it goes behind the south point. The bar across the back is inspired by such things as the bar behind the star in the old US Army Air Force insignia and the bar behind the delta in the most recent rev of the 24th-century Starfleet logo in Trek (featuring what my friend Andrew calls "the Fuck You Dominion bar").

Aside from the bar-behind bit being inspired by the old Air Force logo, if it is similar to something else, the resemblance is coincidental. The Cameron Star is similar enough that it would make a good starting image to imagemod into the IPO-SF star, though, if one were so inclined...

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