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#4, RE: About Utena's EoJ uniform...
Posted by Wedge on Nov-01-01 at 01:10 AM
In response to message #3
>Aside from the bar-behind bit being inspired by the old Air Force
>logo, if it is similar to something else, the resemblance is
>coincidental. The Cameron Star is similar enough that it would make a
>good starting image to imagemod into the IPO-SF star, though, if one
>were so inclined...

A-ha. As much success as I'm going to get tonight without throwing this monitor out the window (multiple core dumps suck).

This is a Clan rank insignia of some sort, which would explain why you don't know about it Gryph. It's not exactly what I was thinking, but it's close--the north, east, and west points aren't really enlarged, are they? I still swear I've seen it elsewhere in BTech. I want to say it's the general insignia for a Mech pilot or something like that (think pilots wings). I'll have to rummage through my source books when I get home.

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