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#1, RE: The One-Hit Wonder
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-01-01 at 05:09 PM
In response to message #0
>1) What are the (general) regulations concerning shipboard armaments
>in Zeta Cygni and EA jurisdiction?

About what you would expect. Civilian starships of Zeta Cygnan registry may carry weapons for self-defense - the quad blaster mounts, for instance, are standard antispacecraft weaponry, useful for fighting off pirate fighters. Military-grade weapons (such as naval phasers and torpedo launchers) are generally prohibited. The Earth Alliance is stricter about just what you can and can't have on a ship than the Republic of Zeta Cygni, in general. EA has regulations about stupid things like shield strength, too, on the somewhat dubious premise that powerful shields are an indication that one intends to get into a fight.

>2) Are any of the One-Hit Wonder's weapons concealed?

Well, the phasers are of the strip variety, so they're hard to spot until they're used, especially since the ship is black. The torpedo tube has an outer door. Unless energized, neither would be likely to show up on a standard scan.

>3) Did Corwin have to get any special permits or permissions to have
>those weapons on his ship?

It seems likely. I mean, I doubt I would have provided a photon torpedo tube for the thing if I didn't want him to have it.

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