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#0, General comments about the Redneck...
Posted by StaticdashPulse on May-28-01 at 00:03 AM
I've read about Redneck and the CFMF (I hope that's right) in various and sundry UF tales -- Core 4 and 'Twilight' if memory serves. However, over the past couple of days I've finally gotten around to reading the first Redneck storeis ('Project Quagmire', 'Rite of Passage', and 'Die Hardly'). Let me just say: Schway! Very great stuff!

But this isn't anything Redneck & Co. haven't heard before, and I don't want to just ramble on. So let me ask what I was aiming to ask: I'm going to keep reading through the stories, so I'll hit it eventually; for times sake, though, can someone please point me in the direction of the story where Redneck and Washuu (My friend Sonya would be pleased to see the use of the "ight" spelling on Washuu, not Washu. *g*) kind-of-sort-of define/establish their romantic relationship?

For some odd reason, I'm working on a Washuu kick recently, and I'd love to read more about her and Redneck. Thank you all so much! :)

- the most impulsive post alive