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#1, RE: General comments about the Redneck...
Posted by Astynax on May-28-01 at 07:23 PM
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>But this isn't anything Redneck & Co. haven't heard before, and I
>don't want to just ramble on. So let me ask what I was aiming to ask:
> I'm going to keep reading through the stories, so I'll hit it
>eventually; for times sake, though, can someone please point me in the
>direction of the story where Redneck and Washuu (My friend >href="http://www.washuuos.com";]Sonya would be pleased to see the
>use of the "ight" spelling on Washuu, not Washu. *g*) kind-of-sort-of
>define/establish their romantic relationship?

Well, that seems to happen in 'Redneck: Wilderness'. As in all of it. <Flashback-o-rama, but good reading anyway>. Also, there are some details tossed out in 'Privateer: One Fine Mess' <Wilderness will make more sense, well, parts of it will, if you read Privateer first, IMO>

"Darkness beyond Twilight"