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#0, just a few thoughts.....
Posted by ckosacranoid on Aug-29-12 at 08:11 PM
i have to say that UF took me the better part of a month to read and i am still trying to figure out how to word the review i wanted to write.
i had to ask a couple of things that i noticed in reading different things

how can the top gear crew be 400 years old and not be members of the WDF?

what is the name of Anthy and corwins girl?

Which one of the girl is pregent Juri or kate? and what did they have and the name of thier baby?

overall i have loved the whole story, i must say that the sword arc is the coolest for some reason. not sure why.

what ever happened to the gay guy in the pink cyclon from chapter one anyway? who was very amsuing going toe to toe with largo.

i must say i really loved a lot of the charaters expact one. Please do not take offece to the real zoner, but the zoner in the setting really leaves something from likeing him. I think it might just be his running away to much or just withdraws from everything when the crap happens. i think there is something to be said when the bad guys I like better for some reason....not sure why.

why would redneck during exile being on the target list for bounty hunting when he had only been in the WDF for 10 years at most. he had been a founder of the confeds merc chapter for the better part of 200 years. then ups and falls off the face of the earth for a different 100 years.

what ever happaned to the two ships that made up the wings of the wayward son anyway? i never seen anything for what happened in the storys from the website?
i seen what happened to the strelings and wolfgang.

speaking of wolfgang, what did he do with everyone from the ship yards when he left and why did he go looking for the dyson schere anyway?

what was the rough size of the WFD anyway, just rough numbers and ships?
what happened to most of the people who where memebers for a rough guild got taken out over the years anyway? i know the force had to be pretty good size, not just the wayward son, but lots of support and traing staff.
much less what happened to members who had been retired from the force for years? would they have been on the list of being taken out?

the story is mindboggling for how much tv, anime, comics that you guys have put into the world. it is very amsuing and thanks for writing all this even if it took most of june to read everything and staying up till dawn reading storys..damn you all for writing so well.....