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#1, RE: on the recent CSI pieces.
Posted by Mephron on Nov-09-04 at 03:57 PM
In response to message #0
>I've been watching CSI recently, since a Romantic Interest of mine is
>actually working on a career as a forensic investigator, and I'm
>retroactively impressed at how bang-on the characterizations of the
>CSI people were.

Thank Gryph, Ard and Chad for that - I got into CSI based on their commentary, and now it gives me something to do for two hours a night besides plot and play City of Heroes. (...it's on Spike TV from 7 PM to 9 PM. In case you were thinking something depraved.)

>I'm also fairly shocked that a recent TV series can actually hold my
>interest, but that's a matter for another board.

William Peterson brought together a significantly interesting bunch of actors, all of whom make their characters feel 'real', which is a good part of it - there ARE people like Gil Grissom out there, people like Sara, and like Cath and Warrick and Nick...

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