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#2, RE: on the recent CSI pieces.
Posted by Wedge on Nov-09-04 at 04:17 PM
In response to message #1
>>I've been watching CSI recently, since a Romantic Interest of mine is
>>actually working on a career as a forensic investigator, and I'm
>>retroactively impressed at how bang-on the characterizations of the
>>CSI people were.
>Thank Gryph, Ard and Chad for that - I got into CSI based on their
>commentary, and now it gives me something to do for two hours a night
>besides plot and play City of Heroes. (...it's on Spike TV from 7 PM
>to 9 PM. In case you were thinking something depraved.)

We're perversely proud of having driven Gryph from never having seen the show to owning the first three seasons on dvd inside of a month. (Which is meant as a comment on the show, not Gryphon :)

Anyway, it's science geeks fighting crime. What's not to love, and what better place for them than New Avalon?

Chad Collier
J. Random Pixel Pusher
Digital Domain
The Captain of the Gravy Train
And hey, I got a strip club into the City in the Sphere. Go me. :)