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#12, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Parallel Lines
Posted by Star Ranger4 on Apr-25-04 at 01:47 PM
In response to message #8
>Guys? Is it necessary to seek verification of every damn thing you
>think might be a quote from a movie?
>I mean, I love seeing Forum traffic about stories when they go up, but
>it'd be really nice if at least some of it were about the actual
>content. It's such a letdown to think, "Oh hey! Somebody's got
>something to say!" and then find out it's just one of these.

Well, I do have something to say... MAJOR ROCKAGE!!! Both in the episode itself and in how many other folks besides the Night shift put in an appearance!

I lost count of how many seeming reffereances to other things went on...

Love how you built up how it is that Nick happened to know Vision. I get the feeling that they met doing some MMORPG'ing because of the Barbarian lines myself.

Which leaves me with just one question. I can pretty clearly see the differneces between the Canon DC Batgirl and Sgt Barbra Gordon. The bigest of which is that the events that lead up to Ms. Gordon having to set aside Batgirl and become Oracle clearly did not happen. But I'm used to seeing at least a bit of flirting between she and Sgt Grayson... But then again, this was from the CSI side, not the NAPD side, so who knows what goes on beteen the two Sgts off screen, right?