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#18, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Parallel Lines
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-27-04 at 11:00 AM
In response to message #17
LAST EDITED ON 04-27-04 AT 11:00 AM (EDT)
>Hyneman seems like a good guy--both in the source material and in
>UF--but not necessarily one with an immediately obvious sense of humor
>that would appreciate that.

Jamie's got quite a sense of humor, really - it's just that he's so reserved, especially compared to Adam, that you don't tend to notice it as much. I mean, he puts up with Adam, right? (Mind you, I don't actually know these guys, so I base my assessment of their characters solely on what appears on Mythbusters, but still.)

>The scene between psycho-boy Vincent and Sara just screamed she was
>going to draw her newly aquired Lawgiver and drop him.

Well, there are a lot of reasons why she didn't. To name one, Sara's not Han Solo; she carries her weapon where it's not likely to get in the way or cause a fuss in public, not where she can have it ready for action in less than a second. Besides which, pretty much nobody can draw a weapon fast enough to beat somebody whose own weapon is not only already out, but already aimed. If she'd tried it, Vincent would've blown her head off.

You came to the main reason yourself, though:

>I realized that she wasn't one to see that as a solution.

Exactly. Sara's not an action hero; she's a scientist. Her instinctive response to something like her situation in that scene is to analyze it - try to figure out how she got into it, rather than look for an immediate way out. "I bet I could kill this guy" just isn't something that comes naturally to her mind. Now, once he'd said his piece and it was obvious what kind of a corner he'd backed her into, she was prepared to fight, but even then, her aim was to overpower him and escape if she could, not kill him.

This is one of the key factors informing Sara's remark, later in the story, that she and Gryphon come from different worlds. She carries a weapon because it's part of her job. He carries a weapon because it's part of his life.

>I wonder what Kate and Utena are up to?

Well, let's see. Springtime in 2410, three months or so after Vortigern's Lake No. 2... Kaitlyn will be on Tomodachi, midway through her first semester at Hotohori University, getting ready to spend spring break in total-reality-oblivion mode doing the music for Corwin's wedding, and Utena will be getting back up to speed with her coursework at NIT and wondering what the hell to wear. :)

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