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#22, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Parallel Lines
Posted by Star Ranger4 on Apr-28-04 at 01:46 AM
In response to message #18
>Well, let's see. Springtime in 2410, three months or so after
>Vortigern's Lake No. 2... Kaitlyn will be on Tomodachi, midway
>through her first semester at Hotohori University, getting ready to
>spend spring break in total-reality-oblivion mode doing the music for
>Corwin's wedding, and Utena will be getting back up to speed with her
>coursework at NIT and wondering what the hell to wear. :)
Hmm... That WOULD require some serious thought, now wouldn't it? After all, to date a good 75% of her screen time has her in some uniform or another.

Heh. Even a lot of her 'non' uniforms eventually became defacto uniforms for her, such as 'valiant command undress': Ie Coco Martinez Jersey, Red shorts, and saddle shoes, if i recall correctly (though I probobly don't)