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#5, RE: CSI Rocks!
Posted by JeanneHedge on Apr-24-04 at 09:57 PM
In response to message #3
>>I was also going to ask about Catherine and Imra, so instead I'll ask
>>if Major Thomas Boothroyd, the International Police Armorer, is a
>>transplanted (transfictional? borrowed?) version of Major (no first
>>name given) Boothroyd, more commonly known as "Q", of MI6 in the James
>>Bond universe?
>Well... no, not quite.
>You see, to me, Major Boothroyd and Q aren't the same character. Our
>Major Boothroyd is based on Peter Burton's character, Major Boothroyd
>the Armorer, from Doctor No.

I think I understand what you're saying - it *is* Bond's Q (Boothroyd, "Q" being the armorer's designation, as the chief is designated "M"), but it's Q-by-Burton, not Q-by-Llewellyn. A more well known example of something similar would be how people favor different actor portrayals of Bond himself - same character, yet each actor plays him differently.

trivia - "Major Boothroyd" is named in honor of Major Geoffrey Boothroyd, who advised Ian Fleming on Bond's weapons?

>He's such a different character
>from Desmond Llewelyn's Q (first seen in From Russia with Love)
>that I've never quite been able to buy the idea that they're supposed
>to be the same person. Q is a finicky gadgeteer; Major Boothroyd's a
>gun snob. You never see Q do anything with normal weapons, it's
>always exploding laser watches and stuff. It's Major Boothroyd who
>sneeringly dismisses 007's Beretta as a ladies' gun and (with, er,
>slight hyperbole, I should think) describes the Walther PPK as having
>"delivery like a brick through a plate glass window."

I think Q-by-Llewellyn was played fairly straight in his first movie or two too. I didn't find Q's gadgets getting obnoxiously silly until the Moore era, when the entire franchise got silly.

Of course, now there's Q-by-John Cleese, but that Q most definitely isn't Major Boothroyd, being that he's a different character (as has happened over the year's with "M" - 3 different characters by 3 different actors, but not with Moneypenny - 1 character, 3 different actresses)

>I admit that our Major Boothroyd's irritation at not getting stuff
>back from the field agents is a very Q-like trait, but all the same, I
>think of them as separate characters. Which isn't to say that Q
>doesn't work somewhere in the building, but Sara Sidle generally
>doesn't have much need for exploding laser watches. (At least not at
>work. Who knows what she does on her days off?)

Fingerprints bathroom ceilings? :)


Jeanne Hedge