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#0, Next time on CSI: New Avalon
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-22-04 at 11:50 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-22-04 AT 11:54 PM (EDT)
A series of baffling murders grips New Avalon...

WARRICK: We have five victims.

DOC ROBBINS: Well, it's the same as last time. I'm still waiting for an ID.

RAVEN: What happened here?

UNKNOWN MALE VOICE: What a horror show!

... and the night shift is divided in more ways than one.

GRISSOM: Nick, you get your very own dead body.

DOC ROBBINS: He knows something he's not saying.

SARA (angrily): Look, you want to know what's going on, ask him. You obviously don't believe me.

NICK: Hey, I'm not a racist.

CATHERINE (annoyed): I don't believe this!

SARA: Is the way he's acting lately... normal?

But with the clock ticking and danger stalking the CSIs...

SARA (sharply): International Police! Stop where you are!

UNKNOWN MALE VOICE #2: If I'm seen there, they'll kill me.


GRISSOM: My people were attacked.

WARRICK: Guy was looking at you pretty hard.

UNKNOWN MALE VOICE #3 (deep and foreboding): It will join us, my Master... or die.

... the only ones they can trust may be each other.

NICK: We're all having that kind of night, aren't we?

WARRICK: Told you I had your back.

GRISSOM: We are criminalists. Not the cavalry.

SARA: I just wanted to tell you, you were cool out there.

CATHERINE: Life's too short for that. Even if you might live forever.

Don't miss a special two-hour CSI: New Avalon, EPU, this weekend.

SARA (puzzled): Greg? Who puts their hand there?

UNKNOWN MALE VOICE #2: Why do you hate what you are?

GRISSOM (grimly): Traitors die.

E P U (colour)