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#0, CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by Logan_D_alt on Mar-30-04 at 03:54 AM

That was... different.

Most of the CSI refs escaped me. I don't watch enough TV and I never got into CSI (although I may be spurred into catching an episode now, just to see what the fuss is about).

Some very interesting character moments there. And some good use made of stuff that's only appeared in teh BPGD database articles so far. (Ghost, Neo)

I liked what we got of the assassin's background. Somehow, I get the distinct feeling we'll be seeing more of him. There were some things that were left unexplained (the green glow).

I imagine that this particular set of characters, while entertaining, won't be put to as heavy use as the Symphony set and the main Wedge Rats of old. But that's okay, we got just enough character stuff for it to be interesting.

Oh - and nice bit of mystery and investigative portrayal there. Had me guessing and interested. I'm not a particularly huge fan of the genre so I'll let those more qualified comment on that aspect of it. I'm too dense in that regard to spot any plot holes.

An enjoyable read, people! And you have successfully kept me up an hour and a half past the time I really should have gone to bed! ^_^


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