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#22, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by Polychrome on Mar-31-04 at 00:08 AM
In response to message #0
>I liked what we got of the assassin's background. Somehow, I get the
>distinct feeling we'll be seeing more of him. There were some things
>that were left unexplained (the green glow).

Actually, I think I have an answer for that one. At the very end of the credits there is a Bungie mention.
In the Bungie game Oni the main character, Konoko, has been bonded to a symbiote that gives her regeneration,
resistance to poisons and a combat boost that is accompanied by a purple glow. These are similiar to the
abilities Geoff displays and we know he was experimented on. It would also explain the additional DNA in his blood.
Of course I could just be talking out my ass, nad the Bungie ref is something else I completely failed to pick up on.