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#30, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by Bodhi on Mar-31-04 at 11:16 AM
In response to message #27

>One of the reasons I've been really enjoying a lot of these
>semi-tangental stories is the fact that we get a nice look at some
>characters we haven't seen before, who aren't caught up in the overall
>arc of the UF:FI plotline, and some interactions with characters who
>we do know well that can be new and surprising. Sara's a great
>character, though I've no idea how close to the source material her
>character is, and it's fun to see her getting involved with people
>like Gryphon and the rest of the IPO higher ups. The rest of the CSI
>crew that we get to see is, well, a pretty classic IPO group of
>people, so they're interesting, likeable, and fun to watch, but Sara
>and Gris are probably the characters that are most interesting as
>characters within the story overall.

I agree, Sara and Gris are nice additions. The interactions between them, as well as, individually with UF-Gryph come off very nice.

And Catherine... It's good to be King, you get to meet all the pretty girls.

>Meph's introduction is...wow.

Yep, makes me wish the story was longer. Not that I'm complaining. But Meph could be a force for great chaos within the ranks of the bad guys

>Ah, the Ignatine clerics. I loved the BPGD entry on these guys, and
>I'm seriously digging on the integration of their source material and
>the Matrix source material in UF, since the two have a striking amount
>in common. Melding them together must be an interesting experience
>for you guys, and I'm expecting it to be a very satisfying thing to
>read. I liked the source material for them (Equilibrium for
>those who haven't seen it) a lot more than I expected to, just as a
>fun kind of thing, and I think they have some serious potential to be
>very cool characters in UF.

Especially if Utena and Kate get the chance to train with and/or talk with Neo or Ghost. Force assisted Gun-kata or Ignatine kenjitsu? Hmm...

It would be nice to see more of the Clerics, in any circumstance.

EPU always does a great job and this was no exception.

-- Bodhi