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#37, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-01-04 at 11:32 AM
In response to message #36
>>Locard's Exchange
>I'm clueless on this reference.

(And, you know, far be it from anyone to look anything up for himself around here... )

Dr. Edmond Locard (1877-1966), student of Alphonse Bertillon (inventor of fingerprinting) and founder of the world's first dedicated forensic investigation laboratory, said:

“Toute action de l'homme, et a fortiori, l'action violente qu'est un crime, ne peut pas se dérouler sans laisser quelque marque.” (Any action of an individual, and obviously, the violent action constituting a crime, cannot occur without leaving a trace.)

This is known among criminalists as Locard's Exchange Principle, and is one of the cornerstones of modern forensic investigation.

>>"The near miss lifted up the shelf, the bullet rode along
>>underneath it, and then the shelf fell back down to cover
>>the hole. I saw that on an old TV show one time." Catherine
>>turned her grin to him. "I saw the same show. That's what
>>made me think of it."
>I saw the same show, but I can't remember what it was!

Someone else here pegged it earlier - it's from an episode of the 1966 color version of Jack Webb's classic cop show, Dragnet. In it, Joe Friday's bacon is saved from an officer-involved-shooting review board by a crime scene tech who goes back to the scene of the incident and finds what had previously eluded him and his team: The bullet the suspect fired at Friday. (Before then, since they couldn't find the bad guy's gun either, it had looked to the review board like Friday had panicked and shot an unarmed suspect.)

Avalon 17 shows Dragnet at 3 AM. Cath used to watch it when she got home from work, back when she had a different job and her shift ended at 2. :)

>>The Chief wants us to kick out all the stops for this
>>one, so we'll be using the Stargate network...
>I thought the Stargates were top secret. Now it sound
>like every planet has one and any official person can use
>them. Are then still under strict IPO control?

Yes they are - Grissom's lab is part of the IPO, remember. The gate on Zardon is in a slightly different situation than most, because the Justice Department wasn't about to let a foreign police agency establish an independent headquarters on their planet without oversight, so the IPO enclave on Zardon is in the Hall of Justice itself; but such close cooperation exists between those two agencies that Gryphon felt comfortable making the exception and permitting the Zardons to know about the gates.

Sara's experience in Records notwithstanding, the Justice Department works very closely with the IPO on most matters - the Judges take it as a point of pride that they're held up as some of the best law enforcers in the galaxy, able to work on an even footing with the Experts of Justice. This is true to such an extent that, as we shall see in the next CSI: New Avalon episode, there's a Judge permanently attached to Special Assignment 1. He's the only active Judge serving outside Zardon sovereign territory.

>>What I just handed him is his -sentence-."
>So what IS his sentence?

When your favorite television show leaves an obvious hook for some later development, do you call up the producers and ask them what it is?

>>especially the writers of "Superman: Last Son of Krypton"
>Is this a reference to a comic or graphic novel or a
>reference to the text novel that came out in the late
>70's after the origianl Superman movie?

Neither. Pilot movie to the mid-1990s animated series. Gryphon cribbed one of Lex Luthor's best lines.

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