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#38, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by PCHammer on Apr-01-04 at 11:41 AM
In response to message #36
>>Grissom smiled. "Ragol is an entomologist's paradise,"

Provided your idea of a "paradise" includes being eaten by your study subjects. :)

>>especially the writers of "Superman: Last Son of Krypton"
>Is this a reference to a comic or graphic novel or a
>reference to the text novel that came out in the late
>70's after the origianl Superman movie?

The WB animated series, actually. "Last Son of Krypton" was the three-part premiere - next time you sit down to watch it, listen a little more closely as Lex explains his relationship to Metropolis near the end.

- Lord Ilmartello!
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