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#40, RE: CSI in the Sphere - my third re-read
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-01-04 at 01:20 PM
In response to message #39
> - This might be first true SI I've seen y'all write. Usually you
>don't write yourselves into the source material without altering the
>source material alot more. Any particular reason?

It's kind of old-school, isn't it? It's kind of an experiment. Actually, it's kind of several experiments, both inside and outside the story. Outside, it's me playing with a tighter focus and lower power level within the UF universe. Inside, it's (in part) Gryphon trying to sort himself out, a process that began with his retreat to Ishiyama (which I haven't shown yet) and continuing in this story after his return to New Avalon.

> - I'm sorry to see that Nick and Warick (with the exceptions of the
>gambling reference and the dig at Nick's competition with Sara) were
>kinda one dimentional.

Well, you know, it's kind of like the show - not everybody gets major screen time every episode. (I watched an episode the other day that didn't even have Sara in it, not once, which ought to be against the law, but I digress.) I like Warrick a lot, and I like what little of Nick we get to see, but I agree they didn't get much of a chance to shine in Locard's Exchange. Hopefully I'll be able to remedy that in the future.

> - Nice job with Sara; she seems a lot less bitter than her TV
>counterpart which make me more sympathetic to her. Still, i don't see
>what Gryph sees in her.

Neither does Sara, really, which gives them an interesting dynamic. :)

> - Catherine was great but kinda wierd - a lot more perky but still
>with all the nice sharp edges; I kept looking for the simmering
>resentment (and repartee with Grissom) that is so part of her TV

... Well. I guess it's true what they say about each person's interpretation of the world being the only reality. I don't get simmering resentment from Cath on TV. Oh, sure, she gets annoyed now and then when she gets some bullshit assignment like having to go way the hell out to East Asshole, NV to look into the shooting of a convenience store clerk,but for the most part I generally get the impression she's pretty happy with life.

Then again, I haven't watched my season 3 box set yet. Maybe that's a more recent development.

> Yeah, the guy totally needed to vent, but he didn't have very
>much personality (sorry dude!) and if Gil Grissom wasn't disecting
>him, I wouldn't have really cared.

Well, to be fair, he's not supposed to have much personality; he's a programmed assassin who's trying to become a person, but doesn't really know how to go about it, so in terms of interpersonal dynamic he's little better than an asocial android at this point. There's not a lot we could do about that.

We have development planned for him, but it probably won't happen in this subseries.

>I'll point out a possible
>mistake Gyph and team made by aprehending Depew - he hadn't made it
>all the way to Agent A, and wouldn't it make sense to use whatever
>this guy has to find her?

And just let him keep busting down doors and slaughtering people until he got there? Maybe that kind of law enforcement strategy flies on Zardon, but in New Avalon we tend to try and stop killing sprees, no matter who's getting killed.

> - I'll also note that the IPO's authority in the sphere was
>remarkably unhampered by the local cops. I know Gryph owns the place,
>but law enforcement agencies have been tradionally rivals, and given
>the sherif...

We didn't get to see Sheriff Mobley because his turf is basically the pseudocontinent outside the city, and the crimes in Locard's Exchange all either happened in the city or on some other planet. The IPO and the New Avalon Police work together much more closely than the IPO and the sheriff's department (witness Chief Inspector Brass's cooperation with Grissom and his crew), but there wasn't an angle to show that from in this story.

>Last and not least - Gil Grissom, warrior? What gives?!

Heh. Sara noticed that too, but wasn't really in a position to follow it up. It might not've been what Gris was trying to imply with his wording, but it sure sounded like it to her.

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