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#41, RE: CSI in the Sphere - my third re-read
Posted by trigger on Apr-01-04 at 02:30 PM
In response to message #40
> Outside, it's me playing with a tighter focus and lower
>power level within the UF universe.

Hmm. I see what you're saying. UF isn't episodic is it? Not even NXE held to typical tv episode constraints. CSI was very different, and a a lot of action occurred off screen with the players telling us about, rather than showing us.

Likewise, we've been reading (with joy) more about the superpowered SOS crew then average joes. Is this an off shoot of the red vs. blue crew (normal people-- ok, more normal people with cool toys) that showed up in the most recent SOS story, or are you feeling inspired again to try something new? What ever it is...I think I could learn to like it. The style is very sparse yet it doesn't skimp on plot, main character development, arc, and all those things we've come to know and love in good lit. Plus it appears to have cut down significantly on the fiddly detail questions.

I look forward to seeing more of this type of experiment.

>Inside, it's (in part)
>Gryphon trying to sort himself out, a process that began with his
>retreat to Ishiyama (which I haven't shown yet) and continuing in this
>story after his return to New Avalon.

Now that is something I've been looking forward to since we learned Kori was heading to Ishiyama and that poster came out. Neat: Gryphon character development! That hasn't happened (really) since, what, Twilight? No, more like Out of the Cold. Makes sense - it's only been 20 or so years since then.

>... Well. I guess it's true what they say about each person's
>interpretation of the world being the only reality.

Ok, I admit bias - I like Catherine more than Sara, and feel that any episode not featuring her is a loss. I'll also admit I'm in the minority who thinks the Grissom/Sara tension is annoying. <grin> I'll try to keep that from influencing my opinion of UF CSI.

>Then again, I haven't watched my season 3 box set yet. Maybe that's a
>more recent development.

It might be. I watched season 3 fanatically, rented season 1, and seen a couple season 2 re-reruns...so, my CSI opinions are greatly influenced by everything shown in 2003. Or I could just be wrong (see above).

>Well, to be fair, he's not supposed to have much personality;
>he's a programmed assassin who's trying to become a person, but
>doesn't really know how to go about it, so in terms of interpersonal
>dynamic he's little better than an asocial android at this point.
>There's not a lot we could do about that.

Oh. I didn't think of him as a programmed assassin a la Femme Nikita on steroids and symbiotes. The opening reminded me of the Punisher(which I admit isn't very accurate) and a couple scenes from Cowboy Bebop. It all make sense now...

>We have development planned for him, but it probably won't happen in
>this subseries.


>And just let him keep busting down doors and slaughtering people until
>he got there? Maybe that kind of law enforcement strategy flies on
>Zardon, but in New Avalon we tend to try and stop killing
>sprees, no matter who's getting killed.

Nice...was that a quote for the Comet?

>The IPO and the New Avalon Police work together much more closely than
>the IPO and the sheriff's department (witness Chief Inspector Brass's
>cooperation with Grissom and his crew), but there wasn't an angle to
>show that from in this story.

Ah, missed that. Thought Brass was IPO.

>Heh. Sara noticed that too, but wasn't really in a position to follow
>it up. It might not've been what Gris was trying to imply with his
>wording, but it sure sounded like it to her.

Talk about enigmatic wording...


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