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#44, RE: CSI in the Sphere - my third re-read
Posted by goldenfire on Apr-01-04 at 05:34 PM
In response to message #43
>(Hmmm... I wonder if a few years from now,
>people will start thinking SoS is the 'real' story instead of what
>actually happened like some people and fanfics? XP)

While I acknowledge that SotS is, in no way, Canon to RGU....frankly I prefer it. This is probably at least partly due to the fact that I didn't see any Utena until AFTER having read a good portion of SotS. The flavor of the two interpretations (if the original can, indeed, be called an 'interpretation') is very different, and I much prefer SotS' version.

Similar, I suppose, to the way I prefer Tenchi OAV continuity to Tenchi TV... and again, it's the OAVs I saw first... 's probably a trend, but I don't have enough data points to sayfor sure, yet :)