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#45, RE: CSI in the Sphere - my third re-read
Posted by Bad Moon on Apr-01-04 at 06:59 PM
In response to message #42
>>>Heh. Sara noticed that too, but wasn't really in a position to follow
>>>it up. It might not've been what Gris was trying to imply with his
>>>wording, but it sure sounded like it to her.
>>Talk about enigmatic wording...
>Hmm, yeah, it is pretty awkward, isn't it. What I mean is, Grissom's
>wording in that scene gave Sara the impression that, by pointing out
>to Depew that she wasn't a warrior, Gris was implying that he himself
>was one - which struck Sara as a very weird thing for him to be
>saying. On the other hand, his phrasing was ambiguous enough that
>that might not have been what he was trying to say, and Sara
>knows him well enough by now to know that trying to get him to explain
>it after the fact would be an exercise in frustration.
>As Sara's life already contains sufficient exercises in frustration,
>she let it drop. At least in public.

I agree that what Grissom said had some high class ambiguity, but what struck me was how Grissom seemed to refer to his own weapon. Like "Yeah, those are some nasty gun's you have there, but you do NOT want to know what I carry around for self defense." Put Grissom in a whole new light for me.

Jon Helscher

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