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#46, RE: CSI in the Sphere - my third re-read
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-01-04 at 07:37 PM
In response to message #45
>I agree that what Grissom said had some high class ambiguity, but what
>struck me was how Grissom seemed to refer to his own weapon. Like
>"Yeah, those are some nasty gun's you have there, but you do NOT want
>to know what I carry around for self defense." Put Grissom in a whole
>new light for me.

Oh, I see. No, nothing special there. Grissom carries the standard-issue CSI sidearm, a compact conventional semiautomatic pistol fitted with a Petrarca XD magazine. (This enables any ammunition expenditures by the investigators to be immediately tracked by the central control system back at Headquarters. The Zardon Department of Justice uses a similar system with the Judges' Lawgiver sidearms.)

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