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#7, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by Adyen on Mar-30-04 at 12:07 PM
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Yay! CSI! My brother's a fan of it. Too bad I'm not that big of one. heh.

> The Black Hood turned to look at his detachment's Q-Boss.
"He's already carved his way through half our men, and he just keeps
coming! Rooftop sniper had a clean headshot and he -got out of the
way-! He's not HUMAN!"

*cough* There are like, hundreds of different races out there, and the saying still remains. heh.

Q-Boss stared. "Trained? What are you talking about? No one
walks away from Big Fire! Allegiance or death!"
The man with the guns looked into Q-Boss's eyes.
"I know. That's why blew my handler's head off."


Sara put the book down on her desk and turned in her chair
just as a man came into view through the glass wall of the bullpen.
She didn't recognize him. He was about her height (not awfully tall
for a human male) and had a stocky build, shortish brown hair, a
close-trimmed beard, and glasses. He was wearing a beat-up old green
Army jacket, jeans, and well-worn boots, and generally didn't look
like the sort of person who ought to be prowling around the crime lab
on an off day.

Wow! She doesn't know the Gryphon? I thought everyone in New Avalon would know him from one place or another... (He certainly knew all the ambassadors on B6!)

Whatever it was, he handled it with authority, and he knew the
streets and alleys of New Avalon like Sara knew the back of her hand.
She spent a lot of the ride looking out the windows, trying to lock
onto a landmark and figure out where she was, but the effort proved
futile until they suddenly popped out of a side street and into a
pleasant square with a tree in the middle.

Didn't he design New Avalon? lol

Gryphon smiled, guided the car into an angled parking slot
along one side of the square, and shut it down. "Well," he said, "I
don't want to seem smug or anything, but I -did- lay out the city."

Yes he did. :P

Gryphon thumbed a button on the car's ignition key, causing
the doors to lock with a satisfyingly solid 'chunk' sound and the horn
to pip once. Then he turned a friendly grin to Sara, angled a thumb
over his shoulder, and said,
"You like ice cream?"

He picked this up from Skuld, didn't he? Probably designed this place to have ice cream just for her too!

"Oh, it's you," Brass replied, shaking the offered hand but
affecting to look unimpressed. "I didn't recognize you in your
homeless-vet camouflage," he added, gesturing to the jacket.

Ahhhhhhh... Enlightenment. Or something like that.

You know how many crims have left the night shift in the last
five years? -None-. You -know- how remarkable that is,

What's 'crims'?

Greg grinned. "All part of the service," he said. "Oh, and I
see Gris got you... a cactus. Sweet. Must be as close as he can get
to apologizing for the nightmare assignment. Either that or he's
trying to tell you that he thinks you're pretty, but prickly."
"Actually, Greg, the Christmas cactus is not a true cactus,"
said Grissom's didactic voice from right behind the Dantrovian lab
tech, making him wince.

Ahhh... That's sooooooo Grissom. Now, if he'd explain how it's different...

"Are you implying that we should misappropriate company
resources for personal use?" Gryphon inquired.
"Yes," Sara replied.
Gryphon grinned.
"I like the sound of that," he said just before the stairway
door closed behind them, leaving the rooftop empty.

*snort* Neposism. lol

Overall, a good story. Didn't see some people's backgrounds, but once they're in, I supposed they'll appear again someday, right?