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#9, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-30-04 at 01:23 PM
In response to message #7
>"He's not HUMAN!"
>*cough* There are like, hundreds of different races out there, and the
>saying still remains. heh.

An effort was made, around the 2380s, to popularize a Salusian loan-word so that the Standard language would have a word meaning all the things we mean when we say we're "only human" without the single-race connotation, but it didn't stick. If you say that kind of thing in the 25th century, people generally understand what you mean, unless they interpret it specifically for irony's sake (as in racially charged political rhetoric).

>Wow! She doesn't know the Gryphon?

Not yet. :)

>He picked this up from Skuld, didn't he? Probably designed this place
>to have ice cream just for her too!

No, indeed, G was a fan of ice cream long before he met Skuld. And although he did design New Avalon's layout, that doesn't mean he personally chose the location of every business that decided to open its doors in the city; Tosci's has a branch in Salutown because it's a popular Salusian ice cream chain. (There are also branches in Claremont and Westmont.)

>You know how many crims have left the night shift in the last
>five years? -None-. You -know- how remarkable that is,

>What's 'crims'?

Short for "criminalist", which is one of the terms by which crime scene investigators know themselves. Geoff's a little off in his post - a criminologist is a scientist who studies criminal behavior and the overall idea of crime as a social phenomenon. A criminalist is someone who specializes in the collection and analysis of physical evidence. Criminalists can also be criminologists - Grissom is, for instance, as per the first season finale, Strip Strangler - but they aren't necessarily.

>"Are you implying that we should misappropriate company
>resources for personal use?" Gryphon inquired.
> "Yes," Sara replied.
> Gryphon grinned.
> "I like the sound of that," he said just before the stairway
>door closed behind them, leaving the rooftop empty.

>*snort* Neposism. lol

Nah, that's not nepotism. Nepotism would be if he promoted her or gave her a raise or some such career-advancing thing just because he likes her. (Actually, according to the strict definition of nepotism, she'd have to be related to him. Showing that kind of favor to non-relatives is just patronage or favoritism.) Technically speaking, using the Stargate network to go on a date is embezzlement.

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