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#4, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange comments cont..
Posted by Kendra Kirai on Apr-06-04 at 05:25 AM
In response to message #3
LAST EDITED ON 04-06-04 AT 05:30 AM (EDT)
>well, like several others who've posted, I've never seen CSI, but that
>didn't stop me from enjoying the story.
>1 bit that I rather liked was
> "Tell me something I want to hear, Greg," said Catherine.
> "OK; your hair looks fabulous that way," Greg Sanders replied
>As someone who often makes smartass comments myself, I found Greg's
>response to be quite entertaining.

The best part about Greg as a Dantrovian, is that he's actually *that randy in the actual show* :) It's perfect! Gryph et al got all of the characters perfectly, except for Catherine...she *is* normally a little more bitter about everything.

What I kind of missed was that there were no incongrous statements made that make those who hear them go kind of '...what the hell? Did you really say that?'

Like one episode with a dead supermodel in a shopping cart...

'I've got crabs.'
'....Excuse me?'

When there's crabs on a bit of clothing found somewhere in relation to the case. :)

Sara looks *quite* adorable as a salusian (Though personally, thanks to the images of Asrial I've seen, I always imagine a humanized salusian as having larger primary ears.), but Gil is...well, somebody said in the other thread that he looks like a wolfhound, and I wouldn't argue with that. It's probably because of that predatory look he has in that photo, but still...

Gil's still a bug-nut, I'm happy to see. :) Personally, I don't really like Gil (in the source)...he always seems a bit...I can't think of the right word...a bit too much of a know-it-all. That'll do, but it's not what I'm trying for.

(And Trigger? Personally, I don't like Gil with the facefur. Maybe because I've watched him for years without it and I don't like change.)

We didn't get to see the doctor (I can never remember his name...) in this 'episode'. I've always liked him. He's kind of like Santa, if Santa routinely sliced people open and scooped out their insides in the name of justice. I definitely like him better than his counterpart on CSI: Miami..it's kind of creepy to call corpses 'baby'.

Also, somebody previously asked why nobody asked Depew about his information on the local big fire groups...the question apparently got garbled a little, and so wasn't really answered. Why (apparently) DIDN'T they get any information out of him they could about the local big fire goons so they could round 'em up and arrest them?

I missed the 'bungie' thanks in the credits, but i figured it was something similar to Oni even without it. Well, either that or he's a Saiyan, which would be....extremely unlikely, given Fearless Leader's opinion of the source series...But I was under the impression that the symbiote creature from Oni mostly works when there's damage to the body that needs repair..It didn't sound like Depew had gotten hurt at all during his first scene. (Which is why I thought 'Saiyan'...in the source, they get stronger with every fight.) But, it HAS been a while since I played Oni...I should reinstall that...

Anyhow, very good, everyone's just as they should be (Well, the CSIers at least, except for a slight variance on Cath..but then, she has good days too.) and I'm *glad* you didn't go for the 'bulletcam' scenes. Those get *extremely* gruesomein the show, which really kind of ticks me off. You settle down to watch a show that you know is going to be kinda gruesome anyhow, but then you get to seethe bones and muscle get torn and brokwn in *EXTREME, PRESUMABLY QUITE REALISTIC CLOSE-UP*. Um, ew.

As a note, that is being completely nitpicky, and having nothing to do with the story, but the show CSI is quite different than what real CSI's do. But, you know, Quincy was very unlike most medical examiners too, and Perry Mason wasn't much like real attourneys. One has to suspend disbelief for most TV shows. (For the record, I think Law and Order is abou the closest in the 'genre' to how things really work, but hey, I'm wrong more often then I'm right, so, whatever.)

EDIT: Fix for some stupid typos and expand on something