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#5, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange comments cont..
Posted by Wedge on Apr-06-04 at 06:23 AM
In response to message #4
>Sara looks *quite* adorable as a salusian (Though personally, thanks
>to the images of Asrial I've seen, I always imagine a humanized
>salusian as having larger primary ears.)

It's the difference between drawing and dealing with an actual photograph. Working with a real picture, the idea (for me, at least :) is to make whatever I do blend as well into 'reality' as I possibly can. My first tries at those pictures had the primary ears being larger, but they looked obviously fake. Making them smaller and less pronounced (and trying to blend them into the existing hairlines) makes them look more real. (And if anyone is curious, they're raccoon ears in both images. They were the easiest ones to work with.)

>(And Trigger? Personally, I don't like Gil with the facefur. Maybe
>because I've watched him for years without it and I don't like

His having a beard this season allowed me to go as Grissom to the Halloween party at work last year without having to shave my own beard, so I'm all for it.

>Anyhow, very good, everyone's just as they should be (Well, the CSIers
>at least, except for a slight variance on Cath..but then, she has good
>days too.)

We're all a little confused at the "why isn't Cath bitter like she is on the show?" comments. I mean, sure, she has bad moments--they all do--but the base of her character as I see it is just self-assured and determined with a healthy dose of 'you wouldn't BELIEVE the shit I've seen' that just adds to her air of experience. Translate that to UF, where the how and why of how she got where she is (and, no, not going to go into that now, so don't ask :) isn't quite so brutal...and I think we've got her character down pretty solidly. Besides, she's too much fun to have her be sour all the time.

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