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#7, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange comments cont..
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-06-04 at 10:21 AM
In response to message #4
>Gryph et al got all of
>the characters perfectly, except for Catherine...she *is* normally a
>little more bitter about everything.

I just don't buy that. Either I'm watching a different show than you guys are, or I haven't gotten to the part where Cath is all bitter and stuff, or something, because I look at her and I don't see that.

>We didn't get to see the doctor (I can never remember his name...) in
>this 'episode'.

Nope. He wasn't needed; there was never any question how any of the victims in this particular case actually died. (That doesn't mean they weren't autopsied, but there were no surprises, and thus no reason to give Doc Robbins any screen time. He's got some in episode 2, though.)

>Why (apparently)
>DIDN'T they get any information out of him they could about the local
>big fire goons so they could round 'em up and arrest them?

And they would have gone into this in his initial interrogation why, exactly? For that matter, do you think the Chief sent him up to the 15th floor to play Shinobi with Nightcrawler?

>But I was under the impression that the
>symbiote creature from Oni mostly works when there's damage to the
>body that needs repair..It didn't sound like Depew had gotten hurt at
>all during his first scene.

Not having bullet holes in him isn't the same thing as not being hurt at all. Every time a person exerts himself, he does damage on some level; that's why people are sore after exercising. (In fact, that's how exercise works; you make the muscles work harder than they really want to, in the process harming them somewhat, and they get stronger in the healing process.)

It's entirely possible to get through a level of Oni without getting Konoko too badly banged up, either, but she still evolves at the end.

>As a note, that is being completely nitpicky, and having nothing to do
>with the story,

When you have a thought like this, and you know it's a thought like this?

That's the time when you don't post it.

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